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> Full introduction.

Your name is VRISKA SERKET, although most people refer to you as CAPTAIN. You are nearly NINE sweeps old.

You live on ALTERNIA as a PIRATE, hoping to follow in the footsteps of a certain Marquise Spinneret Mindfang.

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Screw Nicholas Cage, the human who calls himself Jack Sparrow is the sexiest creature on Earth.

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Gluteus maximus
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gallowschromata-deactivated2012 sent: GLOR1OUS 4ND 1NGLOR1OUS D3RR13R3S 4L1K3 >;]
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VR1SK4 4ND 1 4R3 H4V1NG 4 HUUUUUG3 D4NC3 P4RTY ON OUR SH1P 4ND 44444444NYON3 4ND 33333333V3RYON3 1S 1NV1T3D TO COM3!! >:]

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A Great Deal

Affiliating Myself With A Royal Court

Making Myself At Home On A Different Alternia Not Get Destroyed By the Ravages Of Sgrub

Never A Dull Moment

And You

Affili8ing yourself with the royal court? Euuuuuuuurgh. Why would you try to get all chummy with a 8unch of uptight, 8orderline insuffera8le high 8loods?

Organizing a party with my moirail and planning a visit to my ancestor’s ship. Never a dull moment here, either.

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